New Projects must submit the Gove Street Citizens Association – Project Information Form

The BPDA and ZBA have approved for the ~40-acre neighborhood around 450+ new residential units, 125+ hotel rooms and 20,000 square feet of commercial space.


  • Bremen Orleans Project – The Davis Companies today announced that they have finalized an agreement with the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) to redevelop four parcels owned by EBNHC located along Bremen and Orleans Streets in East Boston.


  • 173-177 Maverick Street (DeAngelis Bakery) Complete rehabilitation of existing 3 buildings and vertical addition for 9 condo units and 2500 sqft retail.

  • 175 Gove Street Erect a five-story residential building with 9 units and 7 interior parking spaces.

  • 90-94 Cottage Street A preliminary presentation to erect a 4-floor, 7 unit condo ownership building with one handicapped unit and 6 on-site parking spaces.

  • 18 Everett Street Demolish existing structure, merge lots and erect a four-story residential building with 9 condo units.

  • 23 Everett Street A proposal to change the occupancy from a one-family dwelling to a two-family dwelling. Also, renovate the building by adding a 3rd story addition.

  • 67 Lubec Street A proposal to erect a 4-floor, 6 residential condo unit building with 6 parking spaces in the rear of the building.

  • 46 Geneva Street Proposal to erect a 3 story, 3-family residential building, with a roof deck and head house.

  • 14B Geneva Street Construct 4 family building on vacant lot with 4 parking spaces in enclosed garage.

  • 10 Geneva Street A proposal to erect a 4 story multi-family dwelling (7 units) with parking at grade.

  • 255 Maverick Street A proposal to raze the existing building and erect a mixed use 4 story building with 9 residential units and one retail unit with parking at grade.

  • 231 Maverick Street Erect three 4-story buildings with 2, 9 and 7 units respectively.

  • 48 Geneva Street A proposal to erect a 6 unit residential building.

  • 58 Lubec Street This proposal to change occupancy from 4 units to 9 units and erect a penthouse.

  • 273-279 Maverick Street A proposal to erect a 5 story mixed use building with 41 dwelling units with space for 1 retail establishment.

  • 69 Lubec Street A proposal to erect a 5 story building with 8 residential units and 8 parking spaces.

  • 66 Lubec Street This is a project to erect a 6-unit residential dwelling with parking for 3 vehicles.

  • 25 Everett Street A project to demolish existing structures, combine front and rear lots and erect a 4 story, 8-unit residential building.

Large Projects

These large projects are managed by the BPDA. Check “Development Projects” page for the latest.

  • 10-16 Everett Street Proposal is a four-story, residential development totaling approximately 22,544 Sq. Ft. with 19 housing units including two IDP Units and 21 garage parking spaces.

  • 205 Maverick Street The Proposed Project consists of the demolition of an existing single story commercial structure which contains the Maverick Street Market and Swish & Swash Laundromat at 197-207 Maverick Street and the construction of a five (5) story mixed-use building with approximately 3,100 square feet of ground floor retail space, fifty five (55) residential units, and approximately thirty four (34) off-street parking spaces.

  • 202 Maverick Street The proposed development is a 23 unit, 22,700 square foot development with 20 parking spaces on 8,050 square feet of land.

  • 128 Gove Street (Mt. Carmel) The proposed project consists of the renovation and coversion of the former Mount Carmel Church into a residential building and the construction of three additional residential buildings that will include a total of approx. 115 residential units and 91 off-street parking spaces.

  • 175 Orleans Street (Hotel) The proposed project consists of the rehabilitation of the historic structure at 175 Orleans Street, into a 127-room loft style boutique hotel. The rehabilitation will also include one additional stories and 65 at grade parking spaces.

  • 287 Maverick Street (Pickle Factory) The proposed project consists of the construction of a 5- story mixed use building, containing 37 residential units, 1 commercial unit, and 30 accessory off-street parking spaces.

  • 114 Orleans Street Proposal is a 5-story, residential building totaling approximately 29,385 SF with 23 condominium units including three IDP units and 25 interior parking spaces.

  • 28-30 Geneva Street The proposed project consists of a 5-story residential building with 26 condominium units and 19 off-street parking spaces.

  • 135 Bremen St The proposed project consists of the construction of 94 residential units, 8,300 square feet of commercial space, and 110 off-street parking spaces.